Category: Meeting Forms

Combined Meeting Minutes Template

Meeting Minutes Templates

When an important meeting is held in a company or corporation including the owners, directors and shareholders, it is mandatory for the secretary of the meeting to take minutes of the agendas discussed in the […]

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Waiver Notice Combined Meeting

Waiver of Notice for Combined Meeting

A combined meeting in a corporation is a conference of all the key members of a company. They include the CEOs, directors, members of board of directors, partners, shareholders, upper level management and administration employees. […]

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Shareholders Annual Meeting Notice

Shareholders of Annual Meeting Notice

When board of directors or owners of a corporation wants to discuss important elements related to the business i.e. new strategies, new projects, joint business ventures and selection of members of board of directors for […]

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Directors Special Meeting Notice

Directors Special Meeting Notice Sample

Download this PDF¬†Directors Special Meeting Notice Sample to help you write your own meeting notices. Meetings are very common in corporations and organizations in order to discuss important elements with the directors, partners, shareholders and […]

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