Waiver of Notice for Combined Meeting

A combined meeting in a corporation is a conference of all the key members of a company. They include the CEOs, directors, members of board of directors, partners, shareholders, upper level management and administration employees. This is a special kind of meeting to discuss important issue. Usually when a meeting is called, it’s only for specific members i.e. partners, directors or shareholders of the company.

By introducing the Waiver of Notice for Combined Meeting you can easily accomplish your task by filling in a simple form. Download these Waiver Notices in PDF format to just fill-in before printing. You can also read out brief description of the waiver of Notice for Combined Meeting in that page and can also download several other options.

Key elements in the Waiver of Notice for Combined Meeting:

  • Name of the corporation with registration number and address for reference purposes
  • Name(s) of the CEOs or owners of the corporation
  • Names of the partners in the corporation
  • Name of the waiver along with his designation and ownership rights in the company
  • Details of the meeting
  • Sworn statement by the waiver that he is backing off from voting or even attending the mentioned meeting
  • Signed statement by the waiver that the meeting shall be held on the schedule without any delay
  • Reasons of waiving a meeting notice (only optional)
  • Date when the waiver notice is written by the director or partner
  • Signature of the waiver


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