Trademark Assignment Certificate Template

In the market when many companies are manufacturing same products, it is very difficult to make customers distinguish one manufacturer’s products from others. In order to keep the products different from other similar products by other companies, manufacturers use trademarks. A trademark can be a symbol, a work or a sentence that is registered by the company in the trademark and patent department and once it’s registered by a company, no other company can use it on their products or services. Feel free to download several useful Assignment Forms that we have collected for you to assist you in your day to day Assignment Notice printing options.

Brief Description of Assignment of Trademark:

In order to understand why a person or a company would want to sell its trademark, you should understand that when you register a trademark, you have to pay for a certain fee for the registration. This fee can be annually or once for life time depending on your choices. In this scenario, if a company doesn’t want to conduct business or if it is going under and doesn’t want to pay for the trademark expenses, it is possible that the company owner finds a buyer in the market who is willing to pay for the reputation that comes with the trademark and wants to buy it. This is where the assignment of trademark agreement comes handy.

Key Elements to include in the Assignment of Trademark:

  • Name of the person i.e. assignor who is assigning the trademark to someone else with complete address
  • Name of the person who is getting the trademark i.e. assignee with complete address
  • Date when the assignment of trademark is being signed
  • Details of the trademark i.e. type, particulars, registration date, duration, registration or patent fees and expiration date etc.
  • Reasons of assigning the trademark to another person or company explained by the assignor
  • Details of compensation offered by the assignee in exchange of the assignment of trademark
  • Date from which the assignee has the legal rights and ownership of the trademark i.e. from the date when the assignment is signed or some other date in future
  • Affidavit of both parties along with notary public employee validating the assignment
  • Signature of all parties involved in the assignment process i.e. assignor, assignee, notary public clerk and witnesses

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Trademark Assignment Certificate Template

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