Separation Agreement Templates – 21 Free Samples

Here is a collection of 21 Free Separation Agreement Templates to help you prepare your own agreement effectively.

It comes a time for a long relation between parties, spouses and business associates to separate. Most are cases where this is caused by difference in interests and unequal development or ignorance of duties takes place within a joint, party, or organization. When this point is arrived at, a well detailed Separation Agreement is considered important so as to officiate the separation. In creating a secure, verifiable and a legal Separation Agreement, the below described tips and guidelines should be observed.


Like other agreement format, the title should define the agreement in first sight introduction. The reasons for the separation should not be briefly brought about within the title. In most layouts, the title of the Separation Agreement should read the same. This will help in filing the document for future reference and make it easier to locate the same within other files.


Without a date, a Separation Agreement will create so many loopholes for defaulting the same by either the concerned party is particularly on ‘after separation’ timed duties, or either of the parties bound by the Separation Agreement. With the date, it will be hard and unlikely for the default of duties assigned to find ways into the Separation Agreement. This is mostly witnessed in Marriage Separation Agreement where the dates for custody and child support supply should take place on monthly or annual basis.

Identification Documents

In this section of a Separation Agreement, both the parties avail their national identification documents for inclusion into the agreement. If possible, it’s advisable to do a thorough checkup for making sure that the identifications brought forward are true copies of the original. This can be achieved by making sure to have a close and clear look at the original copies of the same. Inclusion of the identification numbers and letters thereto is important as to directly identify the concerned party. This can be achieved by getting an attorney to assist in commissioning the Separation Agreement.


This is the part of the Separation Agreement body where all the relevant information and the reason for separation are detailed out. It is the most essential part of this type of agreement as it lays down the relevant and legal governance of the parties in relation to attached obligations after the separation. To make the Separation Agreement easier to translate and understand, the conditions targeting a specific party should be separated from those of the other. In this section, measures to be taken for breach of agreement by either of the party are clearly stated. When putting down the conditions, it’s highly recommended to write down as discussed by; as words of mouth may not count in matters of solving aftermath disputes, especially those of defaulting the Separation Agreement.


In conclusion, for the Separation Agreement to be completed, witnesses are required. Each party should at least provide one witness during the signing off the Separation Agreement. Witnesses’ identification documents and copies of the same are important for future reference. Finding a witness you trust is always recommended as you might need them to confirm an instance in the future.

Sample Separation Agreement Templates

Here is a collection free sample Separation Agreement Templates to help you draft your own agreement.

Separation Agreement Template 01

Download “Separation Agreement Template 01” Separation-Agreement-Template-01.pdf – Downloaded 60 times – 187 KB

Separation Agreement Template 02

Download “Separation Agreement Template 02” Separation-Agreement-Template-02.pdf – Downloaded 61 times – 145 KB

Separation Agreement Template 03

Download “Separation Agreement Template 03” Separation-Agreement-Template-03.pdf – Downloaded 58 times – 112 KB

Separation Agreement Template 04

Download “Separation Agreement Template 04” Separation-Agreement-Template-04.pdf – Downloaded 46 times – 169 KB

Separation Agreement Template 05

Download “Separation Agreement Template 05” Separation-Agreement-Template-05.pdf – Downloaded 59 times – 158 KB

Separation Agreement Template 06

Download “Separation Agreement Template 06” Separation-Agreement-Template-06.pdf – Downloaded 55 times – 86 KB

Separation Agreement Template 07

Download “Separation Agreement Template 07” Separation-Agreement-Template-07.pdf – Downloaded 58 times – 225 KB

Separation Agreement Template 08

Download “Separation Agreement Template 08” Separation-Agreement-Template-08.pdf – Downloaded 70 times – 233 KB

Separation Agreement Template 09

Download “Separation Agreement Template 09” Separation-Agreement-Template-09.pdf – Downloaded 61 times – 172 KB

Separation Agreement Template 10

Download “Separation Agreement Template 10” Separation-Agreement-Template-10.pdf – Downloaded 55 times – 274 KB

Separation Agreement Template 11

Download “Separation Agreement Template 11” Separation-Agreement-Template-11.pdf – Downloaded 51 times – 46 KB

Separation Agreement Template 12

Download “Separation Agreement Template 12” Separation-Agreement-Template-12.pdf – Downloaded 55 times – 96 KB

Separation Agreement Template 13

Download “Separation Agreement Template 13” Separation-Agreement-Template-13.pdf – Downloaded 60 times – 81 KB

Separation Agreement Template 14

Download “Separation Agreement Template 14” Separation-Agreement-Template-14.pdf – Downloaded 51 times – 106 KB

Separation Agreement Template 15

Download “Separation Agreement Template 15” Separation-Agreement-Template-15.pdf – Downloaded 49 times – 130 KB

Separation Agreement Template 16

Download “Separation Agreement Template 16” Separation-Agreement-Template-16.pdf – Downloaded 46 times – 177 KB

Separation Agreement Template 17

Download “Separation Agreement Template 17” Separation-Agreement-Template-17.pdf – Downloaded 54 times – 100 KB

Separation Agreement Template 18

Download “Separation Agreement Template 18” Separation-Agreement-Template-18.pdf – Downloaded 53 times – 209 KB

Separation Agreement Template 19

Download “Separation Agreement Template 19” Separation-Agreement-Template-19.pdf – Downloaded 52 times – 119 KB

Separation Agreement Template 20

Download “Separation Agreement Template 20” Separation-Agreement-Template-20.pdf – Downloaded 44 times – 39 KB

Separation Agreement Template 21

Download “Separation Agreement Template 21” Separation-Agreement-Template-21.pdf – Downloaded 51 times – 280 KB

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