Bank Letter for Dishonored Check Placed for Bank Collection

There are many situations in which you give a check to another party assuming that you have enough funds in your account for the check to be cashed but somehow the bank statement shows insufficient amount in your account and the bank dishonors your check. In this situation, the other party has the legal obligation to inform you about this misfortune and send you the dishonored check so that you can verify what the actual problem is and solve it. Once, you figure out why the bank dishonored the check, it’s time to send the check back to the bank or the other party and inform them that you have solved the problem and now they can cash the check. This is done by the notice of dishonored check placed for bank collection.

There are two scenarios regarding the dishonored checks including one situation in which you want to cash a check and the bank bounces it and the other where your supplier wants to cash the check that you issued and the bank bounces it back. If you want to cash the check, you need to send this notification directly to the bank with the check, inform them that the mistake is corrected by the account holder and ask the bank to cash the check or deposit the amount in your account. On the other hand, if it includes another party as the cashier, you need to send this notification and the check to that party and ask them to cash the check anytime they want.

Key Elements to include in the Bank Letter of Dishonored Check Placed for Bank Collection:

  • Name of the account holder or writer of the check with address
  • Name of the company (if applicable)
  • Name of the bank or other party with complete address
  • Date when the notice is being signed and sent to the bank
  • Particulars of the check that was dishonored by the bank previously
  • Reasons why the bank dishonored the check i.e. a mistake made by you or the bank
  • Current statement of your bank account that shows sufficient funds in your account
  • Signature of the sender or account holder

Possible Situations in which a Check is Bounced or Dishonored by the Bank:

  1. You forget to enter a certain amount in your personal book and consider you have more money in your account which you actually don’t.
  2. You forget to balance your ledger or checkbook.
  3. Your partner withdrawals funds from the account and forgets to balance the books or doesn’t inform you in time.
  4. You intentionally write the check even if you know you don’t have enough funds in the account.
  5. You expect a deposit in your account before the check goes to bank for cash.
  6. A mistake is made by the bank or your credit card company and your account statement shows low amount than the actual funds.
  7. You deposit a check from another party and it bounces leaving insufficient balance in your account.

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