Unsolicited Idea Acknowledgement Agreement (For Company)

When an individual or a group of people contacts a company or organization and present their unique idea in the meeting knowing that the company didn’t contact them or asked to present this idea and they are doing without any demand, it is known as unsolicited idea. In simple words, when you approach a company with a unique idea without their demand, you present an unsolicited idea.

Introduction to the Unsolicited Idea Acknowledgement:

When a company receives an unsolicited idea by an individual or a group of people without any prior demand, it is important for the company to acknowledge the idea and the meeting they had with the idea presenter(s). This is important in order to avoid any future complications or lawsuits against the company by the idea presenters. In order to make sure that the people who presented the idea are appreciated at the company and the organization has listened to their idea and they all have decided mutually either to drop the idea at the meeting or proceed with it, the company is required to prepare a legal document know as the unsolicited idea acknowledgement. This document proves that the idea presenters approached the company without any prior demand from the company itself and after they presented the idea and the organization decided to proceed with the idea, they take full responsibility of any liability that might come with the idea i.e. duplicity, plagiarism or copy right law suit.

Brief description of Unsolicited Idea Acknowledgement:

An idea is like an intellectual property and anyone who has it, can claim that he thought of it and has the ownership rights. This is why when individuals approach companies and organizations with unsolicited ideas; it is really important for the companies that if they decide to proceed with the idea, they sign a contract with the idea presenters in order to avoid any misunderstanding or disputes in the future. This is why unsolicited idea acknowledgement is signed between the company and the party that presented the idea. There are many things discussed and included in this acknowledgement but the most important thing is that the idea presenters state that they thought the idea originally and they have registered it in the local patent department in order to avoid any conflict with another person who might claim the ownership on the idea.

Key elements to include in the Unsolicited Idea Acknowledgement:

  • Name of the person or group of people who is presenting the unsolicited idea
  • Name of the company that has received the unsolicited idea
  • Date when the individual or group of people approached the company with the idea
  • Details of the unsolicited idea received by the company
  • Registration or patent number of the unsolicited idea
  • Remarks of the company after receiving the unsolicited idea
  • Mutual agreement of both parties to either drop the idea or proceed with it
  • Date when the agreement is signed between the idea presenter and the company
  • Signature of the idea presenter and the company personnel

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Unsolicited Idea Acknowledgement Agreement

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