Sale-on-Approval Acknowledgement Letter

When a buyer places an order with a vendor or supplier, he is required to send a purchase order to the supplier in order to initiate the delivery process. Once the buyer sends the purchase order, the supplier considers it as the approval for sale and sends a notice back to the buyer informing him that he has received the purchase order and acknowledging the sale on approval by the buyer. The formal sale on approval acknowledgement notice is used for this purpose in order to inform the buyer that the supplier has received the formal request or approval to make the delivery and he has started the process in order to deliver the order on time.

Importance of the Sale-on-Approval Acknowledgement Letter:

As a supplier, you need to inform the buyer or each of your customers that you have received their orders and you are arranging for the items or goods included in the order to be delivered on time to them. This way if the customer doesn’t want to accept the order or if he wants to change some items in the order, he can do it in time before you deliver the order and it gets rejected by the customer. In order to make sure that there is no problem with the payment from the customer and he doesn’t want to change anything in the order, you need to send him the sale-on-approval acknowledgement notice/letter so that he can verify the order. In this letter, the most important thing is the detail of the order and brief description of each item in the order so that if there is a misunderstanding or a mistake made by either of you, it can be removed in time.

Useful tips for writing the Sale-on-Approval Acknowledgement Letter:

When you want to write a sale-on-approval acknowledgement notice/letter to your customer, you don’t need to involve any legal help in this process but you can draft the content of this letter by yourself. You just need to include some details and follow these tips. First, you need to include the detail of the order that was placed by the customer with your company along with the reference number and the name of the person who registered the order. Second, you should include the price and payment schedule that you and the customer were agreed along with proper dates and then you need to include the date by which you agreed to deliver the order.

You can explain the contents of the order if it’s important otherwise; just include the reference number of the purchase order sent by the customer. At the end, you should acknowledge that you have received the order and the payment for the items and you have started the process of arranging for the items or goods ordered by the customer and you will soon deliver them to the customer. At the end, just state that you will continue with this process unless you hear from the customer asking to stop or delay the process or you will withhold the goods if there is a payment problem from the customer.

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Sale-on-approval Acknowledgement Letter

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