Return Goods Authorization Form Template

An Return Goods Authorization Letter is also known as the RMA or return merchandize authorization letter. This is a formal application to the vendor or supplier in order to ask him to take the goods back and either refund the money or replace the goods. In some cases, companies also ask to repair the returned goods within the warranty period. This all is done with this formal Return Goods Authorization Form Template.

Importance of the Return Goods Authorization Letter:

When an individual or a company finds out that the order or goods that they received aren’t what they were supposed to or if there is broken goods, the buyer of the goods has the right to contact the supplier or vendor and ask him to provide an authorization to return the goods for warranty claim, refund, replacement or repair. Once the supplier agrees to it, he provides a RMA number to the buyer and this number is then used for writing this letter to return the goods. The buyer can either mention the RMA number in the content of the letter or he can attach the slip that contains the RMA number with the letter.

The key importance of this letter is that without the authorization, the buyer can’t return the goods to the supplier even if the goods are still in warranty period. We can discuss the importance of the authorization letter to return goods in many perspectives and there are still many things to talk about this letter but one thing is more important than others, which is the legal value of this letter for legal purposes. When this letter is written with authorized letterhead and official signatures of the person who is in charge, it can be challenged in any court in case of a dispute or misunderstanding in between the buyer and supplier.

Some useful tips for writing an Return Goods Authorization Letter:

In this Return Goods Authorization Form Template addresses a proper person whom you are sending the letter to. Before writing the letter, ask who is in charge of return goods and then send the letter to him with properly addressing him in the letter content. Sending a generic authorization letter is never a good idea so you need to take care of this. If you want to give a validation in the letter for processing of the returning goods, you need to mention it in the letter very clearly. It can be 24 hours to 1 week or even 1 month.

It is really important that the goods you want to return are mentioned very clearly in the letter. And this Return Goods Authorization Form Template mention it very clearly. Instead of making paragraphs, you should enlist the goods and their details in bullet points. You can write the letter on a simple paper but you should use company letterhead to make it official and formal. For warranty and validation purposes, it is important that you mention the date in the letter when it was written and sent to mail. It can take days before reaching to the reader and if you didn’t mention the issuance date, it can void your warranty period.

Here is preview of a free fillable PDF form of  Return Goods Authorization Form Template,

Authorization Letter Return Goods


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Download Authorization Letter for Return of Goods

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