Payment Receipt Form

When a customer orders something from a supplier and makes the payment either before or after receiving the order, the person who received the cash is required to enter the amount in the file and issue a document to the customer that indicates he has paid the supplier in full and now he doesn’t owe anything to the supplier. This particular document that indicates the payment given by the customer and received by the supplier is known as the payment receipt.

There are many reasons why it’s important to issue a payment receipt to the customer but the most important reason is that once the customer receives this receipt, he can claim that he has paid the supplier in full and there is no unpaid amount due on him. Also the supplier can use the reference number of the cash receipt to match and evaluate his financial books i.e. ledgers etc. this receipt also indicates that the customer has received the order and has verified that everything is in place according to his order that he placed with the supplier.

Useful tips for writing a Payment Receipt:

  1. Use specific names in the receipt:
    This is very important that when you prepare cash receipts, you mention specific and full names of the company who is purchasing the items from or the individual who is purchasing on behalf of a company.
  2. Indicate the name of the person who made the purchase:
    In the receipt, indicate the name of the person who made the order and paid you in order to purchase the items from you.
  3. Carefully indicate the date when the cash is received by you:
    You need to include the date when the customer made the order, the date he received the order and the date he make the payment against that order.
  4. Enlist the entire order with specific items on the receipt:
    You are required to include the entire order on the cash receipt with indicating the individual items and number of units of each item that the customer purchased from you.
  5. Indicate the price of each item and total amount for the purchase:
    You need to indicate the price of each item in front of it along with total price of units of each item and lump sum amount of the entire order at the bottom of the purchased items list.
  6. Indicate how the customer paid you:
    Mention specifically how the customer paid you the amount for the order he purchased i.e. cash, check, credit card or debit card.
  7. Indicate if the customer took the order or it was delivered to him:
    Also you need to mention in the cash receipt if the customer came in person and took the order by him or you delivered the order at his doorstep via shipment.
  8. Sign the receipt and stamp it:
    At the end where the total amount of the cash received is entered, sign the receipt and put your official stamp on it.

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Payment Receipt Form

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