Mutual Releases Agreement Template

In order to terminate an agreement written and signed between two parties earlier, it is important for both of them to agree to terminate the agreement and return the things as they were before the agreement was signed or the deal was made. In this situation, when each party wants to relief the other party from his obligations and responsibilities, the mutual release agreement is signed between the parties. This agreement then terminates the prior agreements and all types of deals and contracts.

Brief Description of Mutual Releases Agreement:

When two individuals or companies do business together, they always sign some kind of contract or legal agreement in order to make sure that each party respects and rights of the other and fulfills his responsibilities. But, in some cases when the parties decide to terminate the agreement before expiration or after violation of the agreement by a party, the other party decides not to go to the court and settle the dispute without any legal interference. At this point, if both parties agree that they want to settle the dispute out of the court and without involving any law enforcement department, they sit together and try to find some mutual grounds on which they both have benefits and can agree in order to release each other from the agreement obligations and responsibilities. This is where the mutual releases agreement is signed between the parties that want to settle out of the court.

Types of Mutual Releases Agreements:

It depends on situations and scenarios that what kind of mutual release agreement the parties want to use for settlement of their dispute but mostly, there are three common types of mutual release agreements that are used these days including debt cancellation/settlement agreement, lease cancellation/settlement agreement and simple mutual release agreement with out of court settlement. Another common type of mutual release agreement is the employment termination settlement agreement. All of these agreements are suitable for particular purposes and specific situations. For example, the lease settlement agreement is used by landlords in order to terminate the lease contract before expiration and trying to stop the tenant from going in court and filing a case. With this settlement, the landlord may offer the tenants a small decrease in the rent or something like this.

In the same manner, the employment termination settlement agreement is used when a company fires an employee and feels that the employee might file a lawsuit against his wrongful termination. In order to make sure that the employee won’t go in the court, the company signs the mutual release agreement with the employee and offers him some kind of benefit or compensation for his termination i.e. financial compensation, paid vacation or something like that. These agreements are also used when the partners in a company want to terminate the partnership and dissolve the company but without going in the court. This way they can agree on mutual grounds in which everyone gets what he wants and they don’t waste any time by filing a legal settlement by the court.

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Mutual Releases Agreement Template

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