Final Notice Before Legal Action

If you are having a dispute related to anything with someone and the agreement you both signed allows you to take legal action against the other party, probably it’s still not the good time to involve a court in the matter and you should try one last time to resolve the matter without involving anyone else. For example, someone owes you money and you have sent them many notices or letters to inform and demanded the money but they didn’t respond and now you want to take legal action. No law is going to stop you for filing a case against the default party but you should understand that when you file a case, it can take a lot of time so you should try one last time to resolve the issue on your own. This is done by sending a formal letter to the default party and informing them that this is the last notice before you take any legal action and if they still don’t respond to it, you will do whatever it takes to get your money back.

Brief description of the Final Notice Before Legal Action:

If someone owes you money and you have asked them many times before to return the money without involving any legal action, probably, you should try it one last time. It is possible that the previous notices weren’t received by the default party and if you file a case, the situation back fires at you. This is why you should write the final notice before taking any legal action and specify the particular purpose of the notice in the letter. In order to make sure that the other party does receive the notice, you should either send the notice via registered mail or a bailiff. This way if the other party claims that they didn’t receive the notice in time, you can provide the proof in the court. This notice contains different elements but it’s not very hard to write by you. You just need to understand what the situation is and what you want to demand to the other party. You also need to mention that if the other party doesn’t respond to this final, you will take legal action and the costs and expenses of those actions will be collected from the defaulter.

Key elements to include in the Final Notice Before Legal Action:

  • Name of the sender with complete address
  • Name of the receiver or default party with complete address
  • Date when the letter is being sent to the other party
  • Details of the previous notices sent to the defaulter
  • Precise statement of this notice being the final notice and if the defaulter doesn’t respond to it, taking legal action against him
  • Details of the demand you want to made with your defaulter or the other party i.e. payment
  • Details of what the other party can do in order to stop you from taking legal action
  • Time period or deadline before the defaulter is asked to respond to the notice
  • Signature of the sender of the letter

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Final Notice Before Legal Action

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