Damaged Goods Acceptance Notice

The title of this notice letter may be confusing for you because as a domestic customer, you always want to receive the goods and items that are fully operational and not defective at all but this rule doesn’t apply in the business world all the time. Companies return the defective goods all the time but there are also some situations in which a company accepts defective goods for some reasons. In this case when the company receives defective goods, it writes a formal notification letter to the supplier informing him about the goods and their situation. This letter is known as the damaged goods acceptance notice.

Importance of the Damaged Goods Acceptance Notice:

As an individual, you may think that when a company accepts the damaged goods anyway, why it is important to write and sent this notice to the supplier but when you think of it from business point of view; you can understand the importance easily. When a company receives damaged goods, the company has the upper hand and it can use the leverage against the supplier in any way it wants. For example, after accepting the damaged goods, the company asks the supplier to give big discount on the goods because of damage or defects or asks for accepting the mistake and making sure that next time when an order is placed, the buyer will get a good discount or better warranty package for the goods.

This is just a common example but in reality, companies use this leverage for dozens of purposes. Along with the importance, there are many key elements that you need to include in the acceptance notice including the names of both parties i.e. buyer and supplier, the details of order with items specification and date, the actual conditions of the goods that were received by the buyer and the terms on which the buyer wants to keep the damaged goods along with details of compensation from the supplier in exchange of acceptance.

Some Useful Tips for Writing the Damaged Goods Acceptance Notice:

Names of the sender of the notice and the receiver in the supplier’s company are very important to mention in the letter clearly. Before you write the notice, you need to find out who will receive the notice so that you can properly address him in the letter. When you describe the damaged goods in the notice, make is brief and well explained. You need to enlist all the goods that you received with the damages or defects that each item has. Another important element of this notice is to notify the supplier about what you want to get in exchange of accepting the damaged goods. It can be anything from refund of the money to a discount on the price to extended warranty for next order to anything that your company wants. You need to write this notice on company letter head to make it official.

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Damaged Goods Acceptance Notice

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