Assignment of Damage Claim

When a certain type of damage is caused by an individual, a company or a department, the person who got the damage on his property or health, has the right to file a case against the person who caused the damage and demand a claim for the loss of personal property or anything else. For example, a driver can’t control his vehicle and smashes into another car parked at side of the road. Now the driver of the other car has the legal right to file a complaint against the first driver and ask him to pay for the damage he caused to the vehicle. This process is known as damage claim.

Introduction to the Assignment of Damage Claim:

Usually when it comes to damage claims, people who file the claim in the court, receive the money in return but there are some particular situations in which the actual claimer can’t receive the claim and he gives the rights to receive the claim to a third person i.e. spouse, friend or relative. This process in which the claim rights are transferred to a third person and the actual claimer, new claimer and the other party agrees to this process is known as assignment of damage claim. Assignment of damage claim is actually an agreement on which the involved parties sign and agree to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Brief description of Assignment of Damage Claim:

It may be difficult for you to understand that why on earth a person wants another person to receive the compensation he claimed for the damage caused to him by the compensator but there are many situations in which the actual claimer has to assign rights of the claim to another person. For example, the actual claimer can’t wait until the compensator has agreed and he has to get the money of the claim from another person who will act on behalf of the actual claimer and get money from the compensator. Another situation is that the claimer is too old and can’t go through the trouble of filing the case and going to court hearings so he hires another party to give him his claim and get the claim money from the compensator by using the assignment of damage claim.

Key elements to include in the Assignment of Damage Claim:

  • Name of the person who filed the claim i.e. claimer with complete address
  • Name of the person who will give the claim to the claimer with complete address
  • Name of the third party who will receive the claim on behalf of actual claimer with complete address
  • Date when the assignment of damage claim is being signed
  • Details of the damage caused by the other person with particulars i.e. type of damage, cause of damage, amount of damage
  • Details of the payment that the other party will give to the claimer as compensation for the damage
  • Reasons for assigning the damage claim to a third party (if applicable)
  • Date or time frame in which the party is asked to make the payment for the compensation
  • Signature of all parties that are involved in this assignment process

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Assignment of Damage Claim

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