Assignment by Endorsing on Lease

Lease is a process of renting a place i.e. real estate property for business and commercial uses. In this process, the actual owner of the property lends the property to another person who uses it and pays money to the owner in exchange of the lease. Usually when the lease agreement is signed, the owner and lessee agree on the terms for the use of property only for specific purposes.

Introduction to the Assignment by Endorsing on Lease:

When a lessee wants and decides to transfer his lease to another person, the assignment by endorsing on lease is signed. This is an agreement in which the previous lessee states that he has met with the owner of the property and they both agreed to transfer the lease to a new lessee. In the same agreement, the new lessee agrees that he has acquired the leasing rights and responsibilities of the property and from the point of signing the agreement; he will be responsible for all liabilities. In the same agreement, the new lessee also agrees to pay the lease installments to the owner and the owner agrees not to bother the previous lessee with any kind of issues and liabilities.

Brief description of Assignment by Endorsing on Lease:

There are many situations in which a lessee feels the need of not using the leased property anymore but due to some reasons, he can’t just abandon the place and even if he doesn’t use it, he has to pay the lease installments until the lease agreement expires. For example, a lessee signs the lease agreement with the owner to rent the place for 3 years and as the first year ends, the lessee realizes that he doesn’t need this place anymore but even if he doesn’t use it, he can’t return it before 3 years period expires and he has to make the installments for next 2 years. In order to solve this problem, the lessee assigns the lease to a third party who takes responsibilities of the property and deals with the owner of the property as the primary lessee.

Key elements to include in the Assignment by Endorsing on Lease:

  • Name of the person who leased the property i.e. lessee with complete address
  • Name of the endorser who will get the lease after signing the assignment i.e. new lessee with complete address
  • Name of the actual owner of the property who lent the property to the lessee with complete address
  • Details of the property that is leased by the lessee i.e. area, location etc.
  • Details of the lease and payments for the lease i.e. first deposit, monthly installments, increase in the lease rate etc.
  • Reasons of assigning the lease to another person (if applicable)
  • Details of the use of property the new lessee is allowed by the previous lessee
  • Statement by the previous lessee that he has assigned all the rights of the property and its lease to the new lessee and he is now responsible for all the liabilities and other responsibilities
  • Signature of all parties included in the assignment i.e. previous lessee, new lessee and property owner

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Assignment by Endorsing on Lease

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